I Have A Lover Poem by Akilleas Sideous

I Have A Lover

She loves me so she loves me not she tells me so a lot
I plea with her with what she feels she scolds me with all her fears
She makes me believe in her words
By telling me things I have never heard she makes me smile for a while
With the heart of a saint she makes me faint
I believe she loves me she tells me so
There is pain an sorrow in her eyes but I do not tell her lies I speak what I feel good or bad and sometimes I make her sad I do not mean to but yet still she loves me she loves me not but I have a lover who burns so hot and this I could not deny I am happy with my lady and glade too be her guy she is the apple of my eye I do not deny
She gives me wings to fly I have a lover and together we touch the sky she is my eye and my heart and we are never too far apart
She is my lover and we are never undercover if you ask I will let you know
That she is my pain and my knowledge my love and my life and maybe one day my wife
I have a lover and im happy too know

Kara Aleid 05 December 2011

I'm adding this to my favorites.. this is amazing! !

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