I Have Looked At.... Poem by Paul Hansford

I Have Looked At....

Rating: 2.6

I have looked at sunsets as long as they lasted
the reds and the golds and the pinks of them
the play of light on the edges of clouds
the changing shadows over the land.
I have watched the sea steadily rolling in wave after wave
breaking against the rocks with the energy of distant storms
or gently lapping at softer shores.
I have gazed up at the brilliance
of a black night of stars million upon million
no moon to dim their richness.
I have seen the hidden blues and greens
in a slow river of ice.
I have known forests and mountains.

I have known you also and you no less
are part of the universe. I can admire
the changing sky in the colour of your eyes
the moving sea in the curve of your neck
the wonder of an opening rosebud
in the crook of your elbow.

Paige S 22 June 2009

Paul, the pictures you have placed before the reader is astounding! Excellent piece, vivid pictures.10!

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Chitra - 02 May 2009

spectral...you have captured the essence of nature so well through resonant imagery

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Sathyanarayana M V S 29 April 2009

Paul, This is just captivating imagery! Stunning pictures perfect before readers' eyes

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Susan Jarvis 21 April 2009

The sheer wonder of nature in words - '...an opening rosebud/in the crook of your elbow' is simply beautiful. If this poem were a painting it would take pride of place on my wall. S :)

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