Another Sun Poem by Paul Hansford

Another Sun

Rating: 3.0

Perhaps in another world
another sun comes
lighting a different
and now,
where another I
could meet a second you.
Would she smile to know him there?
Would he look into her grey eyes and see
what I have seen, know
what I have known?
Perhaps in another world,
but here
spring always ends, petals
fall, and rivers
only run

Coach Roth 15 May 2008

Something sad, but poignant about this write...perhaps because it is a true reflection of life, love and it's fleeting moments...Coach

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~ Jon London ~ 25 May 2008

Paul this is stunning my friend, you paint such a lovely picture for your viewer Thank you for sharing this amazing gift of yours '10' best wishes Jon

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Susan Jarvis 23 May 2008

This is both beautiful and clever. I love the shift from first to third person - it adds a greater depth to this poignant piece. Lovely S :)

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David Desantis 15 May 2008

Paul, The best poem i've come across today! Excellent and easily understood. This achieves on all levels. It connects with the reader, and also has a steady point which culminates in a succesful conclusion. Really excellent man 10/10

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Clarence Prince 19 December 2011

' Spring always ends, petels fall, and rivers only run downhill', very true, Paul!

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Black Mendilouche 19 July 2009

This poem so beautifully sums up how I feel about unjust fate - I wish I'd written it!

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Lillian Thomas 31 May 2009

There is a lot here left unsaid, intimated in a wise, subtle way. Less is more often in modern poetry, and this is what we want to achieve: not a framed masterpiece but an energy construct. Each reader has a poem explode inside, each our own separate poem. The creative spark is shared. Thank you for sharing it, Paul.

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Sally Carter 04 May 2009

I'm really enjoying several of your poems. Thank you for helping to make this site so interesting.

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Emily Oldham 22 September 2008

It's across betwwen reality and a dream. lovely, thanks

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