Joe Rosochacki

I Hope That’ll You Will Get A Charge Out This One - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

Among the ‘current’ events today are electric cars,
Hybrid and plug-ins to carry you afar
‘Ohm’ My God! they’re catching fire
Tesla would design a car better than that! ! ! ! ! ! !
So ‘Watt’ if it costs $90,000 it’s more glamorous
Than electric chair of which the Rosenbergs drove to the stars.
Most of the auto and oil companies offered a good amount of ‘resistance’
Although the battery car was developed more than a century
Ford had a better idea, no- -not the one that uses crack, visits whores, uses his title as Mayor of Toronto to subvert the law of the land,
Maybe this will get you ‘ amped’,
Henry Ford fought the idea electric idea by purchasing the electric trolleys
In Detroit Street and Railways with his capitalism ire
‘Ohm’ My God they’re catching fire
Destroying the trolleys,
Yes, Detroit had them much like San Francisco,
Henry made everyone buy his Model T,
He figured no one can get to his plant not using public mass transit.
They have get to get for their nickel an hour, before there were unions,
They wouldn’t get too far,
They would have to buy his car.
Getting back to the electric cars,
A gentleman, Kaveh Kamooneh, was put into a ‘cell’, jail cell not a “D” size, where he faced on one count,
(A recollection comes to mind
- =-about a redneck who had his battery car on Fernwood Tonight
A fictions late night program that parodied he late night shows on the major networks
This redneck had a car powered by a 4,000 “D” cell batteries under the hood
but when he started the car
It failed to start up, he then tested every battery with his Radio Shack Battery Tester
But nonetheless the show didn’t have a working car before it went off the air)
Not a ‘battery’ of counts, he stole ‘juice’ from a source that wasn’t his,
He thought that he would ‘short circuit’ that he would acquire ‘power’
‘Watt’ Would’ve Ben Franklin Done?
Use a key off a kite to power his horseless carriage?
A fortnight and a day Kaveh would be imprisoned for his infraction, for a nickels of power.
Maybe he thought if he plug in his car while his son played tennis he’d get home, not ohm.
I hope he will get ‘positive’ affect out this action not a ‘negative’ one,
Maybe we’ll see one on ‘ION’ TV little later on.


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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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