School Poems: 256 / 500

I’ll Be Home For……. Hanukkah, Human Rights Day, Winter Break, The Islamic Holy Day Eid Al-Adha, First Day Of Winter And Kwanzaa

Rating: 2.7

Little did they in Spokane know that in December, there is a Christmas,
Lauren Caitlin Upton must have gone to the state of Washington,
(see observation which has Upton in its title to find what she said)
She going west not east to get home,
If she had a map then she could not miss,
Because I firmly believe that she or her kin,
Had made the newsletter informing the parents of Hutton School,
That the holidays, the aforementioned in the title,
Were the ones that were notated,
If you had believed in Koran, Torah, Amnesty International,
Some African American Holiday that was formed 1968,
You were politically correct,
In you believed in the New Testament, forget that date.
By the way Upton responded the question that was posed to her,
By the way the Spokane School district handled the December newsletter,
We are dumbing down America,
We are in a lot of trouble,
We are getting worse not better.


Sisto 15 December 2020

sorry but i kind of dont get your pome so i did not like it that much you can do a little bit longer and and better to fix it! ! !

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mike hunt 31 August 2020

this poem was not the best

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