I Know My Fathers Poem by Adams King

I Know My Fathers

Rating: 5.0

I know my fathers
They are black men with a black heart
Men whose greed has no limit
Men whose hunger can't be satisfied

They are men with political propagandas
Liars, looters, lavishers of treasures
Enough to feed their sons and daughters

They are devils, diseases in human form
Death with the semblance of living men
Who gives us nothing but pains and sorrow

I know my fathers
They are men whose souls are bent
Men whose heart knows no good
Sinful men proclaiming to be Christ

They are black fools tarnishing our colour
Men who cherishes nothing black
Yet their heart knows no dot of holiness

These are men who degrades our honour
Men who paints black men to be blacker
They are our leaders with no proper senses

I know my fathers
I know they will never change their shape
Though their colours goes round
To suit all seasons they find gains

They once sold their brothers for mirrors
Little things that they were ignorant of
Made them sell their own sons to slavery

How foolish they must have been now
When we ridicule their old wisdom
To have a mirror without trading a soul

I know my fathers
They will never cease to be who they are
They have come with diverse words
Different promises but actions the same

Round and round the rock and ride
In the circles of corruptible disasters
Each with fangs that bites in the dark

It was my father my own African fathers
Who named and made me a slave
Turning me into an outcast to the world

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: africa,corruption,greed,politics
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