Adams King Poems

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Immortality Of Men

While in this bed but coffin called
Which to all must be fulfilled
As life and death are at war
The mysteries are still concealed

The Secrets Of Love

Love no man less he shows
he's in need of love
For there are many flowers
wasted on infertile soil

Waiting For Adam

The sun has retired my love
I could barely see my feet

The light is down and dark


Everyday comes and everyday goes
today is here tomorrow is yet to be known
we wonder daily at our running age
where is the destination of time?

I Shall Love Or Lust For You

I shall love or lust for you
Creatures of dangling white skirt
Snow white body, black or sun tanned

If Eve Had Been A Man

Would there have been a paradise Eden
Or would it have been God's own garden

Would there have been a tree at the middle

Earthquake In Haiti

Boom! was all we heard
houses sunk into the earth
the foul smell of death

The Dying Music

I'm the dying music
The once lovely emotion
I'm the sacrifice
The one hanged for love

Will I Put The Gun To My Head

I was told failure breeds a broken heart
When tomorrow seems dark hopes are lost
Pain is no good friend to the soul my dear
When you experience a fall then you know

Take Heed My Son

My son take care in the issues of love
And do not let beauty erode your eyes
Be impartial in your every approach

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