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While in this bed but coffin called
Which to all must be fulfilled
As life and death are at war
The mysteries are still concealed

Love no man less he shows
he's in need of love
For there are many flowers
wasted on infertile soil

The sun has retired my love
I could barely see my feet

The light is down and dark


Everyday comes and everyday goes
today is here tomorrow is yet to be known
we wonder daily at our running age
where is the destination of time?

I shall love or lust for you
Creatures of dangling white skirt
Snow white body, black or sun tanned

Would there have been a paradise Eden
Or would it have been God's own garden

Would there have been a tree at the middle

Boom! was all we heard
houses sunk into the earth
the foul smell of death

I'm the dying music
The once lovely emotion
I'm the sacrifice
The one hanged for love

I was told failure breeds a broken heart
When tomorrow seems dark hopes are lost
Pain is no good friend to the soul my dear
When you experience a fall then you know

My son take care in the issues of love
And do not let beauty erode your eyes
Be impartial in your every approach

Demons on the upper land
and bibles in the casket
Dead are the ancient scriptures
While the truth remains wasted

Oh goddess on my bed
Garden of Eden, Adam's precious paradise
Give me your fruit like Eve to Adam
and let us both be naked

Where take I this little fortune
Upon the measures of my obligations
To fight my self problematic battle
and cater for and feed my little nation

She who made your heart to shake
Like Jonah in your Ark
Send her off before you break
Or else your star turns dark

Last night the serpent visited Eden
Tempted her to eat from the fruit unlawful
and forbidden to the garden
In a paradise untarnished and beautiful

Today this tears must I shed
If no one weep for you, I will weep
Your tragic pictures flashes on my head
Heart hurt like cuts from daggers deep

Love is but the greatest gift
Been given to man
So I choose to love
To love while I can

Give me more apples
Bring me close to you
Hold me very tight
Let me have more bites

Do not bother to call my name
If you still love me then pray for me
For i will dance with my leg lame
If ever I grow a seed of love in me

O mother earth shouldn't we learn from you
A lady you are with shinning beauty
Round your garment of different colours
Your wavy hair of green and grey

Adams King Biography

Adams King Oyarese was born in Lagos, Nigeria in the year October 26th 1996 in a family of seven children, he grew up with parents Mr and Mrs Oyarese who hails from Edo state, he's a twin.)

The Best Poem Of Adams King

Immortality Of Men

While in this bed but coffin called
Which to all must be fulfilled
As life and death are at war
The mysteries are still concealed

But if, if I die by chance
Because someday I know I will
Play this music for men to dance
Death is fake and life is real

Still when you are gathered on earth
To celebrate my wake keep
Say not that I went with death
For I'm only in a deep sleep

While ingrave a day shall come
When I shall rise to live
And death will I overcome
For this I strongly believe

So I live with less worries and pains
In the thought of immortality
For if I die we shall meet again
Somewhere across the bridge

I will surely prove to you all
That men only go to sleep awhile
To rise and fall and rise when we fall
Such is nature's imperfect wiles

So be not afraid of death my friend
Embrace it with your heart
For death is surely not the end
It marks another life to start

I'll live engulfed from my mortal body
Which lie to rot slowly away
It is certain for everybody
Just let the fool have it's way

Adams King Comments

Denis Mair 23 August 2020

King Adams writes with litheness and elegance, like the movements of a good soccer player. He puts body and soul into his poetry, and his lines make unexpected turns and twists. I look forward to seeing what moves he'll make with next.// He has the skill to kick a dewdrop/ From the petal of a rose/ Straight onto the tip of his pen! // (Thanks to Yan Li for that image.)

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Prabir Gayen 16 May 2019

Very good poet....God bless you.. thanks///

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Adams King 15 December 2017

Rest in peace dear friend

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Adams King 02 October 2017

a poem I need to share with you all, please read and comment also. thanks

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Adams King Quotes

master the skill of leniency before you learn the act of austerity

To disarm fear is not to disarm danger

Beauty is dangerous to a man looking for true love

No promise has outgrown the age of been broken

Not everything profitable is good but everything good is profitable

A finer picture plays a better crook

What questions a man religion makes him lose faith in his God

The teeth that bit the tongue lives in the mouth

Age is but a pressing pressure that adds burden and responsibility to a mans shoulder

A tooth yet to grow in a man's mouth keeps maturity a distant away

Hardship creates an insane bravery

When there's nothing to lose nothing is feard

When you reveal to people too much of how you need them you conceal the fact of how much they need you

Too much pleasure sours the taste of romance

A nail desiring to go through the timbers must be ready to feel the pressure of the hammer

Dogs that barks are feared by children while dogs that bites are feared by men.

We do not fear to die, if we would live again is the only fear we entertain.

Democracy is a system of government where fools come together to vote fools to rule the wise

I was scared being a thief but when I became one I found out that those I was scared to be criticised by were also thieves.

We should all train our hearts to forgive deeply less we will forgive one offense thrice instead to forgive three offenses once.

There is no such thing as conditional love when love us conditional it has lost its virtue to be called love.

How devilish men can be inconsiderate of their actions professing love to a lady only to break her emotions

Thought I was wise loving you never knew I was only a bright sky of blue caressing the moon slowly inviting darkness

How was I suppose to know promises easily made by lovers are easily broken

After you emptied the nectars in me and left your finger print on my breast, after you sapped every water in me now you realize I'm not the best

Words are easily vomited than been swallowed

Lovers are like angels at dawn of a relationship and turns demons at evening of it

Discontentment is the secret behind the chameleon's changing coat

Blows comes from where expected least for the Jewish high priest was slew by a Jewish blade

Darkness comes in disguise like a pleasing shade

In a dark room one can hardly tell which wall is painted black

The worms that eat rotten the fish comes from inside

When the ears are deaf the most beautiful songs are but unvoiced soliloquy

What virtue keeps me beneath your roof when I have render no love as proof to make a better wife

Sometimes what I fear I do not know but I know I do have a fear for something

What steals my sleep wakes my fear

We do not fear to die but if we would live again is the only fear we entertain

Placing too many beads on another Man's neck and leaving yours empty is a perfect example of a lady deeply in love

No man was born with honor everyman was born with a naked shame, we fight murder and die to attain honor

Please me first with your words before your actions because mighty words provoke mighty actions

What keeps a king awake makes him more of a king

The fearless ones bares the crown

Pay attention to the daggers they hold than the names they bare

How cowardice are the looks of mine to reveal that which a brave mouth conceals

Nothing more than I have said and nothing more than I have uttered just as you said it so I have said

Where our love is given the most there heartbreak best resides

The decisions of the wise need not the consent of fools

Fake friends are like dogs with a friendly bark and unfriendly teeth

The fishes that empties the water accommodating them slowly digs their own graves

I have been disciplined in dignity, I have learnt a homely humility, the submission of a wife and the loyalty of a lover.

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