I Know Nothing Poem by Parwin Jadan

I Know Nothing

I know Nothing

On the wood ladder
The wool carpet telling a tale
In the ring moon night
White light
the cock's cry
the west window opens
she says, 'we will leave soon'
In the yellow autumn we will leave soon…
Very soon we will leave
Taking nothing
That time is close
When the velvet pomegranate smiled
And olives said good-bye
We will leave silently
As turtle
No utters
Silent as mountain
Dogs barks sadly for the went-go
The hard worker leavers
Blond cats kissing each other
Hugging and consoling tenderly
Bunch of wolves roaring the farewell soon
Frogs is croaking
shaking his head right and left
The grape getting rotten but his sweet taste stay
If the green river runs off
He goes again one day
If he wait as camel
Gnat kisses us to show
How lucky we are
For the warm blood We have got
To keep him warm not calm
Yes it is pale leaves drop
Travel To live in a new place
To see what never ever saw
To give way to the fresh leaves born
To works very hard to see the light
To raise her head
Blue light green light white light
Shines from the dusky moon
Cause she always in love with sun
She has a bright
Planets always together and loving as wedding
Because they hold their hands
All in one
It is true the sun is leaving
But she is coming the next day

Emma Adamyan 21 March 2010

a perfect and deep thought poem

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