Tramp Flies To The Sun Poem by Parwin Jadan

Tramp Flies To The Sun

The elevated mind
The traveled heart The fountain soul
My close friend Fog Grey
You and I say the same word
Smile the clown's gesture
Dance like spikes in desert
Our heart beats at one time
Like loin and tiger we walk
Hover on sky's face
Laugh and open the doors of the sky
Adore the beautiful places
As bee's always hang around the flowers
Sleep lovely like bears
My best friend of my life
Traveled to a new city
To live the hectic life
My emerald shadow left me
Taught me to awake as sun's smile
And stair in days as fire eagle
Tough lesson to be alone
Time to mourn like rain
Hey my role mode
I am going to follow your steel steps
Heart raining my chum
Brain is in mist
Clouds attacks my soul
Eyes melting like snow
Tunes of wind blowing
About breeze farewell
I must leave but I don't where
Should my second part to leave home
And leave my sweet memories
Playing football like rabbits
Swinging on trees as koala and panda
Watching lemon orange girls
Drinking cinnamon tea
Shaking hands knotted as roots of tree
Gathering together like pile of rocks
Eating banquet of laughs and jokes
Don't blame my bold tears
aha, alas not precious friend
I have drunk your words as heaven water
We didn't depart white tiger
United soul as sea and river
Destiny of who follow stars
To wander in the dream lands
To hear the valley's voice
To catch the mountain's beard
Dive in the ocean quakes
Hey wind warrior waving
Hawk's flying frozen tears
Ox's running to far lands
Leading a bunch of poor lads
Rally round his people like flame lion
As army of ants and bees
Holding weapons of vigor
One life to prove best ways
Best company your breath
So afraid not of glooms
This life has got many lakes
Pure lake or mud lake
Well of tears waters or smiles
Tree's of cheerful eyes we confirm
Tunes of silent love we sing
Breaths of carnation and ambergris
My Fog Grey friend
Has got traveler heart as clouds and waves
Resident mind as cliffs
His key to life stare in agony walls
Wait for day and see your own light
Wait for night and notice your own shadow
His proverb' I live on silver papers, dies on blue papers'
His pineapple pal said' Fog Grey, you a rock to the smokes of life and rain to people, ho h ho.
Respectful writer
We are alive in your rime words
Alive in the tramps melodies
Sighs of wrecked lovers
So respected writer you are our spring
And you will come back with flowers and fountains wearing a mountain hat of glory

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