‘i Know’ Will Be My Answer. Poem by Konstantin Ananin

‘i Know’ Will Be My Answer.

Rating: 3.5

- Art! Why are getting
This enormous pig in?
Your Ellen is known as
A woman who hates a mess.
- Yes, but once I told you
She always thought that she knew
All. Her favourite phrase is
“I know, I know”. This
Was put as over ten
Times at today’s breakfast, and
It put me into rage.
_________________- What
Will you do?
____________- On second thoughts
I planned to put this big pig
In the bath, that’s quite trig,
And when Ellen meets it,
This filthy big grunting beast,
She will exclaim, “A pig! Arthur! ”
‘I know’ will be my answer.

Ken E Hall 09 February 2010

Clever poem of a woman who hates a mess I KNOW the feeling but a pig wow great fun write regards

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She will exclaim, “A pig! Arthur! ” ‘I know’ will be my answer., , , , to pay back in one's own coin.... ya it is good to say 'I know' not all tthe time you know... beautiful write..

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 19 April 2009

nice poem................

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~ Jon London ~ 01 March 2009

Clever placement of lyrics used forms your flare for a great poem

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