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Home’s a place where
Your parents take care
Of you, and any time
You want, you easily find

You left me! The only friend
That could always help me to stand
Any sorrow or pain.
How could you break the chain

Brother Rabbit and Brother Terrapin wanted to run round a tree.
They went to Brother Bear and asked him to be the referee.
He said to Brother Terrapin, “You win if you’re the first to take the stone! ”
Brother Rabbit ran and won as Brother Terrapin could only go,

- Art! Why are getting
This enormous pig in?
Your Ellen is known as
A woman who hates a mess.

- You need some more stamps.
___________________________- Why?
I’ve already put on five.
- You see, your letter is too

Starfish? Are they the creatures
That are covered with small stars?
Are their typical features
Rather unusual? Are

- Hey, you! Bird! Sing!
- Impossible, I mean
You should first pay.
- Aha! OK!

Let me touch you –
I’ll become a gentle wind.

Let me kiss you –

I feel Nan’s and Mummy’s hands
Far away, in distant lands.
Eagles are soaring in the sky.
Ermines always try to hide.

Once Little Teddy was near a tree.
He heard the noise that he knew. “A bee?
No! Many bees! Much honey!
With it the day’s always sunny! ”

Starfish live in salty water.
To have a starfish you ought to
Anchor in a calm place and find
Red ones as they’re the best kind.

- I don’t want to fly
To that distant Milky Way!
- Don’t be so shy,
Everything's OK!

- A star has fallen. Ah!
- I haven’t seen, but the star
Rain has begun. We can see
Stars fall at any time.

- One, two, three…
- What shall we play?
- Hide-and-seek,
Six, seven, eight,

- I’m going to give you some
Books for your birthday.
- Never mind, I’ve read the one
You gave me on New Year’s Day.

First come, first served. (Proverb) .
When angry, count a hundred. (Proverb) .

- It’s dinner-time! Come on in!

When a boy, I knew everything,
But now I know nothing.
It is known education
Helps us to get information.

- When will you think of cutting
The hedge?
___________- When I’ve finished thinking.
- What of?

- “What a lean Billy-goat! ” said
Wolf hiccupping when he’d had
The poor goat for lunch.
- You haven’t said if he munched

(First read “Is it… happiness? ”)

But I’ll fill the silence
With nice new sounds.

Konstantin Ananin Biography

Worked in aviation (1981-1991) . Became a doctor (1989) . Have been a teacher of English since 1997. Published a book for children 'IVERHYMES! ! ! ' (2006) . Prefer writing iverhymes, but usually call them 'iverhycks' (sounds like limericks, at least partly) . Iverhymes aren't anything new in poetry, but special rhymes (guess why special, but don't think it's because they're funny: sometimes they can be serious) . Interests: gardening, doing nothing. Like films: good fantasy films, comedies and cartoons. Like books: G. Durrell, L. Carroll, A. Milne, R. Kipling, R. Asprin.)

The Best Poem Of Konstantin Ananin

Sweet Theme 1. Home… Sweet Home. (Parody On Poem “home” By Yoonoos Peerbocus) .

Home’s a place where
Your parents take care
Of you, and any time
You want, you easily find
Many sweets in the vase
Or can get at the jars
With different jams.
But why ‘ORs’ if ‘ANDs’!
Yes! Taking a spoon
You enjoy jams. Soon
You take a fruit-drop
And aren’t caught on the hop
Because it is Gran
Who’s glad to give them
To you with a smile.
Your manners can’t rile
Anyone if the ice-cream
Turns into a dream:
All of them know
Who ate it. So,
I can only say
A real genius made
Two different words meet!
What words? ‘Home’ and ‘sweet’!

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