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Worked in aviation (1981-1991) . Became a doctor (1989) . Have been a teacher of English since 1997. Published a book for children 'IVERHYMES! ! ! ' (2006) . Prefer writing iverhymes, but usually call them 'iverhycks' (sounds like limericks, at least partly) . Iverhymes aren't anything new in poetry, but special rhymes (guess why special, but don't ...

Konstantin Ananin Poems

Home’s a place where
Your parents take care
Of you, and any time
You want, you easily find

You left me! The only friend
That could always help me to stand
Any sorrow or pain.
How could you break the chain

About Brother Rabbit.

Brother Rabbit and Brother Terrapin wanted to run round a tree.
They went to Brother Bear and asked him to be the referee.
He said to Brother Terrapin, “You win if you’re the first to take the stone! ”
Brother Rabbit ran and won as Brother Terrapin could only go,

‘i Know’ Will Be My Answer.

- Art! Why are getting
This enormous pig in?
Your Ellen is known as
A woman who hates a mess.

A Brilliant Idea.

- You need some more stamps.
___________________________- Why?
I’ve already put on five.
- You see, your letter is too

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