I Like Mine Flat Poem by Nadalia Bagratuni

I Like Mine Flat

Rating: 3.1

I can longer run around the block,
Everytime I think about HR,
I want is to look at the clock.

Please do not time me again,
It is the middle of April and they are looking for my gains,
Capital, gambling, it is all the same.
The Government is out to bust my chops,
Fot every single nickle that I got.

Now, I have got wise about their little game,
I figure, I'd support something that will make them tame.
How about this one,
I like mine flat, and certain.

No, excise, progressive, or luxury,
I want to pay my fair share but another's,
I still want to take care of my family.

While others like their stack,
Ans the ability to deduct,
Their girlfriend's clothes,
And tummy tuck,

I would much rather take my chance
On a working man's plan,
And an honest attack

Stop the presses,
Save the trees,
Do we really needs all of those form, please!

Look at what fun we would have in the unemployment line,
Next to us, there will be Gus,
Until the other day he worked for us.

He worked for the IRS,
This was true,
He had so much power,
He didn't know what to do.

Now, with all of his power gone,
His smerky smile has turned to a frown.

I felt sorry for him and gave him a break.
I let him in the line in front of me,
Now, I know what you are going to say,
But I figured today was a special day.

You see today was April 15,
Tax Inependence day.
I celebrated this fact that day by letting Gus in the line,
I figured that it was symbolic in way.

For all those years he had stood in my way.
There he was getting my check,
Every payday,
I was a wreck.
Now, I could see he was in the line with me!

The deductions were hard and toil was too,
I guess that it was a little pity on my part.
You see, I looked at Gus and I could see the
Way I used to feel.

Of course I like mine flat,
No luxury, excise, or progressive tax,
I think we should all get by if we pay our fair share.
Today, is the end of new beginning,
And a call to a great thinking,
Please, oh, please let's make all of our's flat!

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