Poverty Poems: 247 / 500

Living Large In Poverty

Rating: 2.9

All things being equal I'd rather be rich,
However, thing don't always work out,
So I'm resigned to spend my time in poverty,
Working in the dirt and grime.

Why, or why me Lord, I may ask,
Gently proding the almighty for just one task,
I wondered if it would be possible,
Just bless me temporarily the ability to pay my bills,
Then I will be a changed fellow.

I then figured then that money was my problem.

What I didn't realize then,
But I do now,
It isn't a matter of money,
It is a matter of know how.

Now matter how you work,
You may never get ahead,
And then there are people who just work themselves dead.

I looked in the mirror and then decided,
Give me the poverty,
And all I need is the serenity,
To be able to live comfortably,
Now, I live with my means,
Not wanting for things,
And I'm very happy.

You may ask, what did I learn?
I will say, ' Living in poverty is not so bad,
Especially if you have a rich dad! '


Jay G 19 December 2007

The ending is great but it really isnt so bad. if you are materialistic then it really sucks but its all how you learn about things growing up.......

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