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Like My Grandmother's Chocolate Cheesecake

Rating: 3.2

When you can not
See the forest through the trees,
And you can not run
Like Gump,
What does a person do,
When then they to,
Get really down in the dumps.

Do they really think that life is like
A box of chocolates?

No, let me sugest,
I'll put this rumor to rest!
I know something that is better than good,
It simply the best!

Speaking about what is good,
And my intention was that I could,
I remember that my mother told me I should.
I should always remember her mother because,

She said that her mother made the best desserts,
They were better than good,
They were grand.

Mother said, ' Granny's cake are not hard to make,
They were just a special slice of heaven,
It was that Chocolate Cheese Cake! '

It didn't look so fattening,
When I was a kid, I eat several pieces,
Now, one piece will do me right in!

Over the years I have learned,
That life is full of twists and turns,
There are good days and bad,
I can be happy or sad,
But until the day I will die,
There will be only one thing that will bring a twinkle to my eye,
It is that famous piece of Granny's cake.

Life is full of many desserts,
However, in its wake,
Of any evidence to the opposite,
I think I would take,
A piece of Granny's Chocolate Cheese cake,
Over all ot it!

Even though my granmother is gone,
A little bit of her lives on,
A little piece of her I feel every time I take,
A bite of of her Chocolate Cheese Cake.

kavya B R 10 November 2020

Hi, It's really a beautiful poem

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