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I'Ll Be Your Friend - Poem by Tabitha Christie

I see you in the halls
Your that kid that walks with your head down
Your that kid that wears glasses
Your that kid that can never have a smile, but always have a frown

I see you in the halls
Everybody stays away from you because your that 'weird Kid'
Your not popular
Your not wearing the right clothes
Or anything that glitters

I see you in the halls
Your that kid that hides behind your books
Your that kid that doesn't have the 'right' looks
Your that kid that has tears in your eyes
Your that kid that is in the bathroom crying and crying because the popular jocks said something mean
But you laugh it off because they are handsome guys

I see you in the halls
You dropp your books and your papers fly everywhere
Everybody walks by and doesnt help
But don't worry
I'll be there

I'll be there to wipe away your tears
I'll walk with you down the halls
to overcome your fears
I'll be there for you, to back you up when people are being mean
I'll be there for you
We will be a team

I see you in the halls
Your that kid.. That is amazing
Your that kid.. That is funny
Your that kid.. That smiles
Your that kid that used to go home and cry at night because of a bad day

But I saw you in the halls
I saw the inside of you
The part that truly matters

I saw the person that you are
A person that truly glitters

I, will stick with you till the end
I see you in the halls
I step next to you, because we are a team
And i will be Your Friend.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 26, 2012

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