I Look Around Me And Look Inside Of My Heart Poem by Ala elouri

I Look Around Me And Look Inside Of My Heart

I look around me and look inside of my heart.
The one question that goes through my mind, is why did you leave us alone in this life? ♥ You promised us a well living but all you gave us was a heart with a stone.You promised us to come and all you gave us was a salutation and a goodbye.♥ I am growing up and you haven't been here to see, 'I', your baby girl, growed up all alone.
As the days go by, I don't care, don't be afraid.Your daughter that once was young and small is now big and tall. The girl who you promised her heaven has seen hell fire in your eyes. She became strong and knew what you did was wrong. She had became smart and acknowledge that what you did was a sinful mistake. She learned not to trust and how to not fuss about what you put her through. She learned many lessons, You swore you wouldn't show it to her. You made her see that in life, you should have eyes as a fierce tiger and a heart like a furious bull. You made her feel unprotected and disconnected.
Even though, You caused so many damage to her soul. She always said she wouldn't put you down and she would try her best to forgive. Yet, The times she came to you so innocently, You would crush her heart in between your hands. This Girl believed you would fix what you broke and go back to who you were.But the days have came so quickly, I swear it's been years and You haven't been here to let our pain disappear.

Ala elouri

Ala elouri

SanClemente, California
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