I Love You Poem by Jim Yerman

I Love You

Rating: 5.0

Once we say ‘I love you' to someone…once that feeling is spoken or expressed in pencil or pen…what is it that makes us keep repeating ‘I love you' over and over again?

Perhaps it's because ‘I love you' are the first words we remember…meant to wash away worry and fear…when our mother placed her head next to ours and whispered ‘I love you' into our ear.

Perhaps we keep saying the words ‘I love you' so we can linger in their echo for a while…remembering the comfort we feel every time we hear them…how those words always accompany a smile.

Perhaps repeating ‘I love you' is one way to recapture the feeling in our heart…
the first time we heard…or read them…
perhaps it's one way to revisit the feeling the first time we actually said them.

Perhaps, because we have no way of knowing if we will still be here…
the next moment
the next day
the next year
we want ‘I love you' not only to be the last words we say…
but the last words our loved ones will hear.

Or could it be when we say ‘I love you' we're hoping an ‘I love you' we'll retrieve….
knowing as beautiful as the words ‘I love you' are to give…
they are equally as beautiful to receive.

How wonderful we have so many ways to say ‘I love you'…many ways for "I love you' to repeat…we can say them, write them, paint them, nowadays we can text and we can tweet.

We can sing them…we can yell them out…we can say them fast…or slow
but I imagine the best way to say ‘I love you' is one we learned from our mothers…long ago.

It's the ‘I love you' meant to wash away worry…
to alleviate any fear…
It's when we hold someone tight
place our head close to theirs
and whisper ‘I love you' in their ear.

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