Never Alone Poem by Jim Yerman

Never Alone

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Today allow me to reveal a universal truth.
A truth some of you, I'm sure, have already known:
Love is transcendental…
with a power and an energy all its own.

Once someone's love has touched us…
the moment their love lights up our day
their love infuses into us…
and never fades away.

Which means whenever we're feeling sad or lonely…
(once this universal truth is known)
If there is someone who has ever loved us…
we will never be alone.

I imagine it has something to do
with the inner workings of the heart…
how, once we have been loved that feeling stays with us
even when we are apart.

Reminding us how much we're loved…
how, once the seed of love is sown,
even when we're by ourself…
we will never be alone.

Bri Edwards 25 May 2023

Tell that to all who have 'lost love'. : (

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Richard Wlodarski 25 May 2023

Such an incredibly beautiful poem of comfort and inspiration. Your poem gave me a wonderful sense of being at peace. Jim, Heartiest of Congratulations on POD! Very well deserved!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 25 May 2023

I totally agree with Bharati. A lovely poem. Many congratualtaions! !

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Bharati Nayak 24 May 2023

A beautiful poem on power of love. Love stays even if the lovers are apart.It gives company throughout life in all ups and downs.

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