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Silence speaks
Silence screams
Silence talks louder then any word
that cuts true the heart like a sword.

Day By Day*

Like peeling onions
removing the skin
layer by layer
all the while shedding tears,


Green eyed monster
With sparkling emerald eyes
Lurking in your mind
Having you believe

In Some Countries They Eat Dogs**

I'm so sad,

beyond sad

I Am Sick And Dying**

I am sick and dying
on my death bed i am lying
no one is sad
no one is crying

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Patch Work 16 September 2009

:) Thank you for your comment!

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My poems are result of my opinion and self expression.
I enjoy reading other people's poetry and appreciate their effort and talent, that's way i always leave a comment.I think it is important for poets to know that someone has read their poem, otherwise we will write our poems on note books at home, not on a web site for everyone to see...........

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