Tondalaya Jefferson

I'M Done - Poem by Tondalaya Jefferson

I'm done with watching Oprah and trying to educate others with the knowledge of the uneducated
I'm done with people getting out of jail only to go back because it's where they grew up due to an unjust system of justice
I'm done with the people who shower themselves with material things when life is too short and they still live in the ghetto
I'm done with people driving in escalades with chromed out 22's when your entire family is living in a two by two.
I'm done with people drooling over celebrities when they're just just flesh and bones and blood and skin and then get mad when they fall outta pocket.
I'm done with people giving their pets unnecessary things but you can't help buy the necessary medication for your ailing mother in the nursing home.
I'm done with people saying blacks have come a long way when I still get sour looks from store owners because some idiot has labeled all blacks as thieves.
I'm done with the 35 year old grandma and the 20 year old mom who rocks the hottest stuff yet her two year old son is freezing his ass off because mom main focus is her look not her child's well being
I'm sooo done with people saying I can't believe in what I can't see yet you call on the lord when the rough times get thick.
I'm done with our kids going to war and loosing limbs but can't step foot in a bar or even order a drink
I'm done with it all. Good luck!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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