Ramona Thompson

I'M In Love With Your Boyfriend - Poem by Ramona Thompson

I know you would never believe it
The thought would never even cross your pure snow white angel's mind
That one so sweet and innocent as I seem to be
Would ever think of crossing that line
That line between friends
But tonight I'm going to
Tonight my friend
Sorry to say it
But I'm going to betray you
I'm going to break your heart in two and at last tell the truth
Girl, I'm in love with your boyfriend
And there's not a thing you can do
To stop me from taking him away from you
Cos he wants me too

I know I told you
He was't my type
That I was't the least bit attracted
But I lied
To your face and to his
Just waiting my turn
Until he grew tired of you
Until that night when drunk and horny
He came to me to confess
His feelings were the same as mine
And just like me
He could't hide it anymore
He wanted me as much as I wanted him
You can guess what happened from there I'm sure
Just one of the many reasons that I'm finally here to tell you
Girl, I'm in love with your boyfriend
And there's not a thing you can do
To stop me from taking him from you
Cos truth is he feels the same as I do

Too damm bad for you my friend
Could have saved us all so damm much heartache and trouble later on
If only you had't been smothering him
Holding him back all this time
Telling him to put his life on the backburner
Until you could make all your dreams come true
Never did give a damm about him or what he wanted
So to me he turned
Pooring out his heart and soul
In my bed
Making love to me all night long
Called me the best he ever had
So much better then you
Even ask for my hand in marriage
Offered me the ring you thought was always meant for you
You know the one
Handed down through the generations
Only given to the real true loves
In the hearts of the men in his family
Proof enough to me and should be to you too that
Girl, your boyfriend's in love with me
And there's not a thing you can do
To keep him from leaving you for me tonight

So go ahead honey
Cry all those tears
Moan and groan in the most sexy outfit that you can find
Try to seduce him
Try your best to keep a permanent hold on him
You can even get pregnant if you like
Have his baby
Just don't think you'll be the one rising him or her
That will be my job
My job and his
All you will be is just a bad memory
A nightmare we had but were lucky enough
To wake up from in time
Before you got your claws in any deeper and ripped us all to shreds
Out of sight
Out of mind
Your man and your baby are gonna be all mine
Just you wait and see
If this vision don't come true
Just wait and see if tonight
The truth of your future doesn't hit you like a ton of bricks
When I finally smile so sweet and say
Girl, this is the moment I'm been waiting for
The moment I almost thought would never come
The moment I can finally be free to tell you
Girl, I'm in love with your boyfriend
And there's not a damm thing you can do
To stop me from taking him from you
Cos girl sad but true for you
Your man's in love with me too

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  • (10/28/2008 12:45:00 PM)

    Wow. So Many Angery Feelings. Try Not To Crush Her, Be Thinking Of You In That Possition... But Good Work.

    ~The Angel From With In~

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