I'm Not Lying, I'm Not Well, Busted But I Am Fine Poem by clawdea benat

I'm Not Lying, I'm Not Well, Busted But I Am Fine

What it's like in heaven?
I am a lost soul, swaying with the devil's curse
and then i heard a voice whispering in my head
''arose, arose, you filthy scumbag. i'm holding your breath and no one can take it away from me''
stumbled and cried out in rage, in caged in a lonely battle,
today i am almost ready to settle
i look like a peasant in the lowly souls of werewolves
in the end i get nothing while they came in attack me and distributed that weak body of me
but i swear i hear voices or am i already crazy going to extreme insanity?
but i live again in the same body with the same features, same face, same hands and same as depressed as it is.
I just couldn't express my feelings i'm so down and i can't take this killings anymore..
same aura, no friends to rely to. i think i'm gonna be lost on this..
But i swear i never stops telling that it will all be nice and the same when it'll be a last breathe to breath.

Cause this life is just as temporary as no mortal or immortal involved. Borrowed time, borrowed medicine, borrowed clothes what more? Borrowed food, But not that actually the main sins, thoughts,
i'm sorry i just couldn't even more pretentious and liar.

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: broken
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