I Wish You Were Somebody Poem by clawdea benat

I Wish You Were Somebody

at the core of the earth i stay still
at this life i keep running to where my destiny is
i got nowhere to go i got nothing to hide now
and all i see is scars of these pain and hurt
i stay so close to myself when no one is looking

I am pretending from the start that everything will be okay
i perfectly planned it and it was successful to the last

Dear You, i wrote you this letter. Yes, you to tell you that

i wish you were somebody
i wish you were the star that i see when i look at to the sky
-a star which is one of my favorite escapade and hiding place
You, i wish you were somebody that i could crawl up and hug tight in a messy bed
a somebody i could give my all that i wont get tired of waiting or that i could hold onto in this life
I just wish you were somebody who can love me and accept me as who i am but not who you want me to be typically
i wish you were somebody that be my best companion everywhere in this world
I wish You to be somebody for me if in difficult times i could forget everything and you will be somebody i could lend my hand
When i lie in bed until the day that will come to leave everything to you
when i run into the hospital and lay there that i could not even see
Until my body fade that it could no longer move and my soul when it could no longer breathe.

until you will remember from to this day You are that somebody i had treasure and cherish every day that i live

P.s. I love you no matter how hard it is to both of us be separated

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,hope,love and life
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