I’m The Heart He Is The Key = Two Lover A Stand Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

I’m The Heart He Is The Key = Two Lover A Stand

Rating: 2.1

I’m the heart he is the key = two lover a stand

Shall it be a death or shall die of once One day who knows but the lord himself does
But I still love you in my numbness soul of heartt shall I Remember you always forever
You shall be a kept beneath my heart Your are t he port to unlock of

A key which unlock a pound my weakness of my heart
Which I’m the heart and you are the key a pound my heart that lock
& I shall remember you and your the key beneath my heart a reflection of our loved
To the moment you lay a pound my eyes I shall always love you in our sweet embrace

Of sweet surrender which takes in of drowning in our soul
Shall always be alive forever till a times goes like a years of change
It shall and shall always be remember in alive

Of memoirist which stand of you and I shall never forget our broth of soul of heart within a love of purity which filled beneath our both soul and heart of love

We shall never say goodbyes which broth we both take good cares
Between us without say our goodbyes but take cares which re symbol of our last and one last goodbye without saying it but the soul to felt it
but it the way we say it beneath our soul which slash me your name as tears fallen rolling a pound my skin crying your name this is it to feel by loved fair of love one more till my heart filled with numbness as we walk a miles a part which stand us as a strangest once more


Done in a mid 21st September year of 2010 fallen breeze in an early morning of fallen in approximant around 11.27am

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