I'M The One Poem by alicia cross

I'M The One

Rating: 5.0

I'm the one,
The one everyone tries to understand but never quite gets me;
It would defiantly take too many words to describe me,
I care for things and people way more than people could ever know;
Day in and day out I crouch down beside my pride and dodge new found love,
No matter how hard I try to dodge it I'm out in the sea like shark bait and I always
become a full meal;
Though I walk the streets tall and tough I'm no better than the
person beside me running from their fears,
I'm not just another individual, I carry everyone's spirits and sell them
out so that we can all have a sense of God;
I will never forget the person I am,
I'm here to help broken down individuals that fell through the fire of hell;
Love is not what I've been seeking,
I seek trust and nobility from the few I inspire;
I am now standing here with my pride, spirit, and heart for strangers to
throw out and gamble,
If no-one takes that chance I've lost my purpose and I will lose all sight of good;
I'm still waiting for the people I care for the most to come through
and show me wrong from right,
My fear is I care for all so much I can no longer view what's right by myself;

Naida Nepascua Supnet 25 February 2011

when you say people try to understand you but they can't---it is what i like so much, you see, your words are what we wanted to express, very nice poem.

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 19 April 2009

a beautiful write my friend.. as well as u are.. well done

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Lindo Mvelase 17 April 2009

my sister, your poems are great and I see this page of life that you are interpreting. where when other people try to read you they misunderstand. very nice.

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