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Crawling out from the pitch black,
Being thrust upon more darkness;
Maintaining a comatose state,
I begun to fall beyond all my strengths of recognition;

I'm the one,
The one everyone tries to understand but never quite gets me;
It would defiantly take too many words to describe me,
I care for things and people way more than people could ever know;

His words are louder than his actions,
His expressions progress more than his words;
He has the eye of an eagle,
Seeking truth and nobility;

She's gone,
Gone with the wind;
Leaving behind only a seed,
and a waterfall;

Walking through the darkness of racism,
Devouring the thoughts of virgin minds in life;
Very few taking the easy way out by not truly studying
the minds and personalities of certain people,

Living in the moment,
Suffering from the memories;
Preaching to the wounded,
Hiding your past for security;

There's a spirit buried far within;
Whispering disastrous thoughts to the vulnerable ear.
Maneuvering through the amateur's mind;
All good is destroyed inside.


Love is but a dream;
Without you here with me.
I've gotten frost bite;
From our future fading out of sight.


Love far out in ocean,

I took a stream and followed you there;

United together, who are we now?
Together in war, who are we now?
Freedom for everyone, who are we now?
With our states, who are we now?

This is what it means to be real;
The horrors that can happen during a lifetime are hear.
The love and compassion mean nothing to me anymore;
There are definitely signs of life that can capture us all.


Asleep to the world;
Death seems to be my only confederate.
I congregate my feelings and look forward anyways;
i have many premonitions that show I won't have a prerogative life.


Along the sea;
I lie bare and clammy.
While the rapid waves soak upon me;
I feel as if I'm being washed upon my problems.


Soaring through the wind;
Spread out before the world.
Crossing their arms to dive;
Upon the reeking herd.

We seek and we hear;
We hear and we listen.
We listen and we think;
We think and we notice.

Mountains of ice cream;
Mountains of snow.
Way above;
Where the wind doesn't blow.


With you gone,
I've lost my way.
I'm all alone,
With no place to stay.


Running from my fears,
Until my mind clears.
Hiding in my sanctuary,
Just so my pain doesn't vary.


I'm lost, with no place to hide.
I keep my feelings balled up inside.
Where I was, is where I want to return.
Losing love's my only concern.

Lost into your eyes;
I began to cry.
The number six becoming your fate;
I began to hate.

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Black Hole

Crawling out from the pitch black,
Being thrust upon more darkness;
Maintaining a comatose state,
I begun to fall beyond all my strengths of recognition;
feeling as if I'm in an eternal black hole,
Appearing to be forgotten;
Awakening in the past,
Realizing it can not last;
Creeping beside the seed of me,
Thinking of what I am to be;
Remembering who I am and why I'm here,
For the future is what I only fear;

1-6-09(First poem this year)

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