Black Hole Poem by alicia cross

Black Hole

Rating: 4.8

Crawling out from the pitch black,
Being thrust upon more darkness;
Maintaining a comatose state,
I begun to fall beyond all my strengths of recognition;
feeling as if I'm in an eternal black hole,
Appearing to be forgotten;
Awakening in the past,
Realizing it can not last;
Creeping beside the seed of me,
Thinking of what I am to be;
Remembering who I am and why I'm here,
For the future is what I only fear;

1-6-09(First poem this year)

Mimi Fakhira 14 April 2009

Whoa, the darkness folded in your poem is engulfing the truth about our future... this is going to be one of my favourites! Excellent job, write more! 10

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Shay Chesney 12 July 2009

It is a very beautiful poem.

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Adi Cox 12 July 2009

This is a curious little poem. My favorite lines are: Creeping beside the seed of me, Thinking of what I am to be. There is a definite fear of the future coming out in this poem. It is almost the poetry equivolent of doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk through life. A very enjoyable read.10/10.

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Keith Hendrickson 07 July 2009

loved the way you opened thi one up but the last 2 lines were my favorite. i cant wait to read more

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Ron Flowers 11 June 2009

I like this one a lot. Ron

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 15 April 2009

The heavily massed black hole of fear has grasped our lives in such a way that inner light has diminished but yet one should be pragmatic and optimistic.

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