I'm Tired Of Earthquakes Poem by Raj Dronamraju

I'm Tired Of Earthquakes

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I will go to a place today
And I went to the same place yesterday
And I don't mind this

I ate dinner today
And I ate a similar dinner yesterday
And I do not protest this

Routine and I now look at each other in a completely different way
Where we once declared war on one another
We now practice rapprochement like America and Russia after the cold war

I went to four elementary schools, two junior high schools, and three high schools
I'm happy to know no immediate change at the moment
There's no shame in wincing noticeably when change is mentioned

I'm tired of earthquakes
I'm tired of sudden disruption
And the landscape forcibly changing

I'm tired of the motion police
Tapping my heels with their billy clubs
And telling me it's time to move on - you can't stay here

I'll defend routine from the vantage point of middle age
I'll guard the tower with a homelife that I don't want to change
Pour boiling oil over the ramparts on any big armed push by change

Today I'll kiss a seismologist
For bringing us the good news of nothing different
And for not forcing us to pack up before we even got comfortable

Dipankar Sadhukhan 23 October 2016

Beautifully expressed..10 You are invited to read my poems..

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