Raj Dronamraju Poems

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I Don't Even Smile

I shook your hand
I took the loss
Escape was impossible
I took the loss

I'll Marry The Nurse

The hand of friendship was offered
The hand of friendship was slapped away
The trajectory of the spurned

Transparent Life

We are the goldfish in the bowl
We are known as Mr. and Mrs. Goldfish
I don't mind this transparency, a benign surveillance

Saturday Morning Radio

Have you ever heard Saturday morning radio?
Is the radio programming different on Saturday morning compared to weekdays?

She dreads small talk and making his lunch

Love Sighted But Not Verified

Love sighted through an opening in deep forest
A blur that moves quickly and vanishes
But leaves a lasting impression

The Limits

If obnoxiousness is art consider this your exhibition gallery
Different stages of difficult behavior hang on the walls
"Don't touch" but some illiterate fool usually ends up doing just that

It Won't Take Long

She is the queen of the replacements
Her people await further orders in a large open-air building
A former factory - old and gray and damp, it looks like the 1950's

The World Is Run By People Who Wear Badges

I wear a badge to my office
I run it through a scanner in order to punch in
It gives me access
It shows I belong

How To Be An Idiot

I was not shamed and I was not fierce
Stir the pot - not so much anymore
Plan my day around what's on television
Rely on the Internet for all contact with other people


She's found a way to the summit
There was a tussle and he let go of the string and you floated away over the parking lot
He selected you from the pack of ten because the bright pink color caught his attention

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