Raj Dronamraju

Raj Dronamraju Poems

1. God's Getting Tired 12/28/2015
2. The Sorrows Of The Rehabilitated Liar 12/29/2015
3. Til Death Do Us Part 12/29/2015
4. The Lookalikes 12/29/2015
5. The Business Of Living 12/29/2015
6. Joan Of Ark Killed By Drones 12/30/2015
7. The Controlled Poet's Experience 12/30/2015
8. I Found Jesus 12/30/2015
9. Catherine The Great And Me 12/30/2015
10. The Walking Tour 12/30/2015
11. Expert Swimmer 12/30/2015
12. Outside The Kids Lead Impure Lives 12/30/2015
13. From Intangible To Tangible - Love Becomes Real When We Speak Of It 12/30/2015
14. Heaven Or Legoland 12/30/2015
15. The Naked Symphonies 12/30/2015
16. The Gracious Between 12/30/2015
17. Romance Novel Left On A Bus 12/30/2015
18. The World Is Full Of The Mentally Retarded 12/30/2015
19. Houdini Escaping From An Awkward Situation 12/31/2015
20. Agents Of Deliberate Misery 1/2/2016
21. Michael's Somersault 1/2/2016
22. Cast-Off People 1/2/2016
23. The Tall Mentally Disabled Woman 1/2/2016
24. I Never Slept In America 1/2/2016
25. A Simultaneous Scheherazade 1/2/2016
26. Polite Mortality 1/2/2016
27. The Night Of The Coffinmaker 1/2/2016
28. A Confession Extracted From A Witch 1/2/2016
29. Boy Scout 1/2/2016
30. When Elizabeth Pretended To Sleep 1/2/2016
31. Ronald Reagan Wore Diapers 1/2/2016
32. The People Who Know Death 1/2/2016
33. Anti-Zionist 1/2/2016
34. Almost Elizabeth Taylor 1/2/2016
35. Skinny Dynasty 1/2/2016
36. For Shelby 1/2/2016
37. 1987 1/2/2016
38. The Erstwhile American Freakiness Party 1/2/2016
39. You Need To Get Into Your Own Game 1/3/2016
40. Girl Relentlessly Pursued By Middle-Aged Drama 1/5/2016

Comments about Raj Dronamraju

  • Krishna Dronamraju (4/27/2019 12:46:00 PM)

    I find Raj's poems extremely refined, amusing, entertaining, educational and admirable.

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  • Ranjan Kumar Ghosh Ranjan Kumar Ghosh (9/16/2017 8:32:00 AM)

    very nice and lovely poem

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Best Poem of Raj Dronamraju

It Won't Take Long

She is the queen of the replacements
Her people await further orders in a large open-air building
A former factory - old and gray and damp, it looks like the 1950's

Levels of pleasure barely measure a blip
Nothing works and it is no longer on a list or discussed in conversation
The terminated plan of action awaits a jumpstart from a newly introduced source

When that happens, it won't take long for marching armies of fanciers
Go-go boots, bare midriffs, and concealed contempt
Past denigrators in fields of expulsion

They prop up the nerves
Defend the ...

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Love Is Listening

Love is listening as much as speaking
Perhaps more
The smoothest tongue never truly applied the salve of understanding
In a way that made the speaker feel comforted or safe.

Love is listening as much as action
Action as a means to an end
Patient listening as a slowly built up form of credit
Love as knowing a person not about or of a person

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