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I shook your hand
I took the loss
Escape was impossible
I took the loss

The hand of friendship was offered
The hand of friendship was slapped away
The trajectory of the spurned

We are the goldfish in the bowl
We are known as Mr. and Mrs. Goldfish
I don't mind this transparency, a benign surveillance

She is the queen of the replacements
Her people await further orders in a large open-air building
A former factory - old and gray and damp, it looks like the 1950's

Have you ever heard Saturday morning radio?
Is the radio programming different on Saturday morning compared to weekdays?

She dreads small talk and making his lunch

Love sighted through an opening in deep forest
A blur that moves quickly and vanishes
But leaves a lasting impression

If obnoxiousness is art consider this your exhibition gallery
Different stages of difficult behavior hang on the walls
"Don't touch" but some illiterate fool usually ends up doing just that

Everyone expects to see tigers in the bush
Everyone expects to see sharks beneath the surf
I expected spontaneous encounters with random wildlife in the area
No refunds granted when none of this occurred

Discovering America
Thinks it's smarter than it is
Assumes it is more than compEtent in any given situation when it is not

You are self-aware, all are self-aware
Post a meal and a chance meeting to Instagram
And different seasons that neatly trivialize moods for we have no audience but ourselves

Don't say I'm a stranger to you
That I identify and am identified with only one kind
There's a secret I wish to share, to spread around freely and its revelation is peace

A lot of people don't have to try that hard
They are born into an already up and running situation
An organization that has existed for some decades
A pirated routine that shares its booty with crewmembers' offspring

Good times pagan isolation
And what follows is isolation of a different sort
Vice ordered in, take out depravity

I looked up to catch her face contorting for a second
Was the coffee she was drinking at the time bitter? I don't think so
The words between us appear with the predictability of highway signs

The second time around I felt revived, revitalized
With a second chance in hand, I moved much slower
Looking at every angle
And the potential for hating myself

She doesn't like it
When I puff up my cheeks like an outraged chipmunk
Make slits of my eyes
Furrow my brow and downturn of mouth

A friend of my father in law gave him a trash bag full of freshly picked fruit - Mangoes, papayas, lychees, guavas
Which was left outside by the back door near the kitchen

In the morning, the bag appeared rifled through

I loved her by the fountain but she did not love me
I loved her on the track where people walk in the early evening but she did not love me
I loved her by the food stalls, under the spotlights and the smell of grease but she did not love me

There's no use hiding from the monster of choice
You will be found and dragged out by your ankles

The overprotective mother stalks the playground

Which Jody is it that doesn't make the bed nor turn off the light when leaving the room?
Is it the same Jody that doesn't want to talk and listens to music by herself in another room?
Or is it the Jody that can't keep her hands to herself, constantly eating and making random statements?
Or is the Jody that scolds the partner for leaving their shoes in the living room and for not washing the dishes?

Raj Dronamraju Biography

Hello there, My name is Raj Dronamraju. I have previously published three volumes of poetry – THE RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT NINNY, SOLIDARITY WITH THE FLESH EATING MOSAIC, and TRAVELS WITH THE ANTI-JOHNNY APPLESEED on Post-Egoism press (not self published) . My publisher’s page for me is here http: //rajbooks.postegoism.net I am also the author of several novels. In addition, I am the editor of a poetry and art magazine 21st Century Flow - Links can be found on my poetry blog www.rajdronamraju.wordpress.com. I am an American living abroad in Malaysia. I am married to a Malaysian woman and teach English to make a living.)

The Best Poem Of Raj Dronamraju

I Don't Even Smile

I shook your hand
I took the loss
Escape was impossible
I took the loss

I went indoors, contorted into an ugly shape by desire
I came back out beaming phoniness
I couldn't find shelter indoors

There's a day coming where this will not end so easily
When it will be taken hard like a blood vendetta
And passed on to future generations
And that's when a smile loses all meaning
Is merely the go to expression of a demolished psyche
Is flashed with the frequency of a bellboy summoned for the carrying of guests' bags

At that time, I don't even smile
And I'll say people are a black hole
And I get sucked in and then get spit out in a place I don't recognize
Not worried about being lost
Not worried about being alone

I don't even smile
For you, endurance finally breaks
Washes over us with violence
I will snap, I can't shake this off anymore

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Krishna Dronamraju 27 April 2019

I find Raj's poems extremely refined, amusing, entertaining, educational and admirable.

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 16 September 2017

very nice and lovely poem

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