Love Sighted But Not Verified Poem by Raj Dronamraju

Love Sighted But Not Verified

Rating: 4.5

Love sighted through an opening in deep forest
A blur that moves quickly and vanishes
But leaves a lasting impression

Love sighted from a lakeside hilltop
Stands out as not part of the normal environment
Dives out of sight as soon as it knows it's being watched

Given proof of love as states entered into that cannot be shared through conversational rapport
Their uniqueness grabs the listener's attention but not their ability to relate

She verified that he was real
Owned a second hand automobile and his parents were divorced
He verified that she looked like the photo she sent him

Their reminiscences will be met with skepticism from the self-defeating onlooker
Who would not recognize love if it was standing in front of him

Ratnakar Mandlik 17 July 2019

Appears to be a love sighted through the deep forest of social media. Verifiable to certain extent but with limitations for being related. Problematic situation of modern times. Thanks for sharing a thought provoking poem, stretching logic, which may be true or far fetched.

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Jane Campion 17 July 2019

Love is uniquely what it is. An interpretation of feelings. Wonderful poetry.

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