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I, Me, Mine

In the Beginning
(or perhaps a little later)
there was I.

And then, because I was lonely,
there was ME.

And WE got on like a house on fire!
And, so that we could have something in common,
there was MINE.

And we got on like a house on fire.
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Douglas Scotney 26 February 2019

and it's only going to get more complicated, Brian

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Adeline Foster 10 October 2015

‘tis true when all is well, someone is sure to put their oar in. Read mine—Who Am I - Adeline

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Brian Taylor 11 October 2015

Thanks, Adeline.

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Wojja Fink 25 March 2009

spot on I me mine all the time.. George Harrison also sang it...nice reminder....thanks John

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C. P. Sharma 04 December 2008

Am I awake Or in trance! Or caught in three weird sisters' dance. I am Brian Or is Brian me! Or we both are Linden! Or Linden is He! ! ! ! !

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C. P. Sharma 04 December 2008

hi Brian, This is beauty. You think like me. CP

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