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Cinderella's Shoes

The ugly sister, Alice,
glared at the mirror with reflected malice;
gave a grin
and blew a bubble;
stroked the stubble
on her chin
and simpered, in unbridled bliss,
'What a charmer I iss! '
adding, with a grimace,
'Who's the prettier, glass face? '

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Sidi Mahtrow 29 November 2008

Dorothy sat and wondered If this was the place to be For just a short time earlier It was Toto and she Who had missed the flight to England And landed in this mess Where lads and ladies had A peculiar way to dress, And smoke and mirrors Were delivered by the press. Those shoes that others wanted Seemed just right for her And so through the looking glass She stepped and once again Was in (take a guess) __________. s

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Her Name Is Taylor 14 January 2010

one of my favorite stories in childhood, you have an impressive vocabulary..i enjoyed it much

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Heather Wilkins 30 May 2013

poor cindrella was treated so badly by the wicked sisters, but in the end did she ever shine. Yes she did. lovely write

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Douglas Scotney 26 February 2019

enjoyed. Footman conveniently 'Fred'

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Reshma Elza Ulahannan 25 April 2016

excellent poem More fragments of splintering glass were swept up by footman Fred. 'What a woracious woman! ' Fred said. 'A most woracious woman! ' nice wordings

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Rajkamal P.j 26 July 2015

A great work. Congrats

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 December 2014

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Soulful Heart 30 November 2014

triumph of goodnes and perseverence.......a fairy tale that evinces the age old wisdom...

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