I Miss My Best Friend 2 Poem by Michael P. McParland

I Miss My Best Friend 2

I miss my best friend who truly is
the most gorgeous and wonderful woman there is.
She gives my heart, stomach, soul, just all of me in full
fits of awe and wonderful need to be
holding her so close to me giving sweet kisses
and telling her how much I care.
I miss my best friend and just want her
to be right here in return holding me
and feel joy and deep peace gazing into each others eyes
and smiling so wide and bright.
I love my sweet Kira my dear Angel bride
and I will miss her every second of every day
until she has returned because she is my best friend and true love.

Kira I miss you my best friend because to me
you are the worlds beauty and my everything
and as I sit here right now I just
want you beside me wrapped in each others arms.
I am truly so sorry that my mind isn't
working as sharply as I'd like it
to give so very many more reasons
just know that I wish we could talk before
I lay down to rest in a little while
and that when I did that we could so warmly snuggle.
I love you sweet Kira and miss you so deeply,
just feel me there with you and know I am holding you
and truly hear and feel my hearts beat for you
my one and only diamond and sweet darling Angel,
I send you sweet kisses my dear Queen.
Kira you are my best friend and I so dearly miss you,
remember I will always be here with open arms and heart
ready to take you right in and listen never letting go
or leaving at all.

I Miss My Best Friend 2
Thursday, January 28, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: best friend,true love
I love you Kira and miss you my darling best friend. I am going to eat a sandwich and lay down within the next hour. I wanted to let you know and want you to snuggle with me. I hope it won't be super long but I don't want to promise anything so I don't end up breaking a promise to you even if it was unintended. I love you sweet one and will write you before I nap and will ask you to come snuggle sweet one. Love you tons my sweet Angel dove. ILYF
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