I Need No Woman Poem by Randy McClave

I Need No Woman

After living these many years alone
For companionship I no longer moan.
I have my family and my pals
So, I don't need any more gals.
I need no woman to take care of me
I need no woman to bring me tea,
All that I need is to stay happy and healthy
That of course will make me very wealthy.
Why do I need a girlfriend or a wife
I don't need another woman in my life,
I can cook and I can order out
To the dating world I need no one I will continually shout.
I don't need a woman for companionship
For me to be without one God did equip,
I have dogs and I also have many good friends
And without a woman I have better dividends.
I can stay out as late as I want
I can dine at any eatery or at any restaurant,
And I don't ever have to watch what I eat
And I can eat any-type of meat.
I had a wife two times before
And after what they put me through I want none anymore,
And I don't want another girlfriend either
The last one that I had held no place in her heart for me neither.
I was lied to and I was cheated on
I was treated and surrendered up like a pawn,
To the women I loved it was just a game
And it was always me when they wanted to blame.
Never will I give up my heart again
Never again will I ever give up my laugh and my grin,
And never again will I be used or lied so they can cheat
Never will I believe I need a woman to make me feel complete.
It's so much easier for me to be a single man
All that I have to do is to follow one simple plan,
Keep my eyes and heart closed to temptation from below or above
Then never again will I fall in love.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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