I Never Change Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

I Never Change

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Neither I change nor do I arrange
Relation I maintain and not simply manage
what is not good in the morning?
And what we lack in the evening?

How can language change the meaning?
If repeatedly used without meaning?
Good morning can't be said differently
May be you offer it loudly or gently

I give enough respect and take care
I know disrespect leads no where
if you advise it to copy from some one
it may infuriate the sentiments of everyone

You never call upon one eyed person
to explain how did he loose eyes and for what reason?
Why did he not take for lapses?
That is why he is blind and asks for excuses

Morning, evening and nights are all there
we don't see them and create difference here,
it is simple feeling that they are?
Why to offer any criticism and face the bar

Nice use of words is always welcome
Deep feeling generate and automatically come
No oratory, high words or any need for eloquence,
Only proper use with correctness should be the sequence

I have my own way of coming across people for dealing
Fine soothing words to offer for immediate healing
Never hurt anyone even for slight context
Words should form integral part of text

One should never change from time to time
He should have in his mind object prime
This will enhance his credibility as whole
It will ensure his position on any pole

You must always stick to your position
It must have its base with fine composition
You may find difficulties with initial transition
You may surely find formidable place for imposition

You can't change the whole world
They have their on way to hold
What matters most is your vulneribity?
How to steer the course with ability?

You may not come out with flying colors
You will be criticized for faults very minors
Still it is best way to keep calm and silent
Accept all the drawbacks and quietly relent

Your calm and quiet posture will save you from immediate fall
It is essential that you maintain calm and wait for further call
It may bring many surprises to boost your image
It is really very hard to regain and manage

So it is correct not to change in normal ways
It doesn't lead you anywhere near or pays
It is only your bold initiative and calm nature
That may determine the course of your future

I Never Change
Raju Rajput 11 August 2009

try for more improvement and change....10

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Jigisha Vyas 11 August 2009

must adapt but not change....10

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Maulin Shah 10 August 2009

steadily grow and not change....10

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Radha Seth 10 August 2009

we remain simple as like tht...10

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Saroj Davde 09 August 2009

to try to remian as it is...10

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Jenesee Miguel true sir..all things change except change itself Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs

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Jann Aquarius 22 March 2010

if we don't change, . may be there's contentment.

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Sachin Goswami 17 October 2009

Neither I change nor do I arrange, Relations I maintain and not simply manage, What is not good in the morning?

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Kamlesh Ambalal 17 October 2009

Neither I change nor do I arrange, Relations I maintain and not simply manage, What is not good in the morning?

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Lalvani Rekha 16 August 2009

i will stay as i am....10

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