I Pledge Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

I Pledge

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if you think you have lost, you have not. the war is not over
life's battles go to he who knows he can
They will tell you it can't be done
negativity is of the enemy
there are those who'll speak of failure
Let no man deter you from your goals
if you can dream than you can accomplish
if you can think than aim for it to happen
if you've experienced disaster than you can triumph
anyone can make you feel high or low
but it's your decison on where you're looking to go
they form words 'gainst you to hurt you mentally
but let that not place a limit on your abilities
God has mapped your life out and it wasn't to lose
stand with your head raised high and pledge that today, you'll stand strong
that you lived through the storm
yesterday has passed and today's a new beginning
today, I will succeed
I speaks it into my soul
Fail, I will not!
facing the naysayers I shall achieve
because in me I do believe

Vanene 17 August 2022


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Akhtar Jawad 22 June 2018

Though I am not the best to judge where I am standing, and what should be my path to continue my journey, still I shall like to choose the path of my choice. My choice is my response to my inner voice. A great poem.

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