I Realize (In This Skin) Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

I Realize (In This Skin)

I learned that success comes with working hard to obtain whatever it is you want in life

I had a fear of failing but kept a positive mind to accomplish all i set out to

Found myself associating with the unecessary until i decided i want no parts, I withdrew

I had a fear of pain but learned it's beneficial to my personal growth as a human being

I accept the truth even if it shall hurt, there's no beauty in lies

Understood that people make promises they can't guarantee and

Though i've loved fiercely i too had to say goodbye

I learned that life is a grand adventure, one i'm willing to explore...

Everyday is a battle and presents us with challenges, we're all faced with world war

I refuse to give energy to ignorance, hate is of the enemy and will never get the victory

Everyone has their opinions and is entitled to them, I'm aware of my sense of self, have criticized my own actions, learning to laugh at my own mistakes

In this skin, i've became comfortable even when dehumanized

I realized, I have strength of character
who you see before you can handle any stones thrown

Mostly, I seek to be left alone

to avoid conflicts but if one shall arise, I roar loud as a proud lion

Unleashing an overabundance of anger which viciously terrorize

in the fire, do i try and keep my irons

Each lesson life granted me wisdom, nowdays i never fret getting old

I possess a heart, A heart which is made of gold

Cherish it and i will cherish you

I've been rejected, i've been abandoned, I searched for the truth and wasn't happy with what i discovered

I've accepted now what I couldn't as a child, this discovery helped my heart to fully recover

only god knows of my struggles
and has guided me through all troubles
He tells me, 'I've made this here creation'
Showing me that in his eyes I remain beautiful

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