I Quit, Done Of Been Approved By Humanity Injustice Poem by Christen Kuikoua

I Quit, Done Of Been Approved By Humanity Injustice

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I Quit, Yeah I said it
Wow, it feel good to finally be free
To be free of been stuck in a pot,
You just know how to get in
but you don't know how to get out

I Quit, Fine..
Call me a quitter
Hate me
Tell me am a loser and will never get a life
Tell me that I am a mistake brought to earth by god
and a curse to humanity
I don't care
I just can't do this anymore
I have lived my life to please others,
but I have never lived, or dreamt a goal to please me
I get it, you mad, I get it but look
I've changed
You're not to blame
I'm just not the same person you knew before

So, please I supplicate not to be rude at all
I know you did A lot for me,
But Guess what,
I'm done trying to live up to your expectations
I 'm done with letting myself to be guided,
By the world about what the heck
is right or wrong for me
I know you guys care but Listen,
Sometimes you can lead a horse to water
but you can't make it drink
You can also sometimes lead a horse to the fields
but you can't make him eat

You guys have to get me am different
Am Not the teen You used to know
I quit holding myself back
Living emotionally trapped
Been Damage By the people I care
of the lies told to me of who I should be
Or been assign a destiny that I don't long
I quit being loyal to these negative thoughts
that have never been useful
I quit letting the mistakes committed by me,
from my past get in my path and
Depriving me of a beautiful future

I quit of letting my life been invade by people.
Who have swear to my face that they will never care,
Of faked friends I made,
along the long journey of my life
I quit letting peer pressure,
and people around me to dictate and direct my destiny
I quit forgiving everyone else,
in this entire lonely whole world except me

I am who I am,
And I'm proud of myself
So, I quit the always to hang out and to be accepted
By the kids I call so cool
but infarct are so lame,
Because following them,
I became a greater fool
I quit because, I Didn't follow my life's motto
To do my best, so that I can't blame myself for anything

I quit the prison of perfection
The lie in my mind that tells me to always be right
While God created me right
but humanity made me imperfect
I quit the fear of failure and the fear of success
I quit not giving 100% Even When I could
Taking everything I did so lightly
and forgetting I was created for a greater purpose
I quit dimming my light
So that others that don't even care
about me won't have to squint
I quit self-doubt and self-sabotage
Because every time I thought,
I was a failure someone reminded me
I was a success with great purpose
I quit going with the flow through life,
Instead of living my dreams
Because instead of me to go with the flow,
The flow when with me
I quit hesitation followed by desperation,
Expectations, rules created by some people
that let me to my great devastations
I quit

I Know Life Is Too Short My Friends
But Let me tell you,
Sometimes Quitting is Good
Quitting sometimes makes us preplanned ideas
Never Attach your destiny to what people say
Because doing so simply means you lack personality
But I Believe What time hasn't dime,
can't be revive, but surely renew
So it not about how you start,
but all about how you finish

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