I Still Love You Poem by Christen Kuikoua

I Still Love You

Rating: 5.0

How Can you deny the love you feel
When that Special person is Right Next to you
How to pretend you don't see?
How to tell her you love her unconditionally?
How to tell her that your love is real?
Yeah I know it messed up all those question with no respond
It not my fault, it love with no boundaries
Just the Sadness and the fright of taking no for an answer
Oh Just the Pain of been Heart broken Once More
Praying everyday for that love to never diminish
Wanting to tell her but scared of not been enough
Shatter inside due to my prize leading me in a competition race,
More precisely survivor of the fittest
Scared of been Defeated
but always having a glimpse of hope

I wish it was easy
I wish i could sing you a song,
to remind you of my long lost love
Maybe forgotten but still alive
Am sorry, very sorry You are my friend
Precious In my eyes, you are
Will protect you with my life
though you don't really need it
I didn't mean to make it weird
And i don't want our friendship to part
I know you may have moved on but i haven't
I still love you like i did the first day and
others days before that
Well i can't make you love me back
But i can always hope,
Hope yeah,
The main thing that have been keeping me going

I will have to say in my younger age i was an idiot
For i left you go, without fighting
I left My prize for empty stars,
My pride got the best of me
Well atlast i made mistake,
Maybe realizing it too late
But if i can still hope,
No matter how long It might take
I promised that to myself " I will"
Again & Again,
And will Choose You Over & Over
Again & Again
Because you mean the world to me

I Still Love You
Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: bittersweet love,cute love
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