B.. Alexander

I Saw My Future - Poem by B.. Alexander

While you were grieving for love gone
I was pouring us a cup of tea so warm
You're freshly free but still feeling sore
It's much too soon to confess my wants

But on our drive around old streets
And then the short walk with your new dog
I saw my future...
As you showed me around the house you bought
As we sat and talked of memories so loving
I saw my future...

There is a fire in you and I can feel it
There is a warmth obscured by raw emotion
I can only imagine how long this might take
For you and I to align in that perfect position

The sense of longing came to me now years ago
And it just never managed to fade away
Despite my constant denying and forgetting
Now here it is again and I can't escape

In the very fact that you agreed to see me
And when you smiled at me that way I so love
I saw my future...
Upon the opening of the green door to your little nest
And then speaking to me in that voice I've missed so much
I saw my future...

Now as I drive my long way back to where I stay
I see flashes of your face in every windscreen
So beautiful, intelligent and alluring
That spanish passion you mentioned warms everything

That burning in you, though weakened right now
Will return full strength in time before you know
And I so long to be standing close to you then
Please let me orbit you at some safe distance for now

As I walk around this town that I've totally outgrown
I hear your voice in every song I can think to play
So desirable and calling me from somewhere far away
That magnetic pull in me will never seem to ebb

Visiting you today
I saw my future...
Talking with you today
I saw my future...
I saw my future wife!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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