# I See, I Hear, I Smell Poem by Shamik Kumar Bose

# I See, I Hear, I Smell

It is time for a change
The clock ticks
The bee hums
And I know the snow at the peak starts melting
I am looking
Searching for that fire
I smell it, I find the warmth of it, yet
I am unable to see it
I am still searching
I can see the soft crimson light dawning on the eastern sky
I can see the smile in the wings of the butterfly
I can see the rejoice in the eyes of the bird to make a first fly
I see the beggars are all in parade singing
I see the blinds hand in hand travelling
I see the tears of joy from window's eyes glistening
I see the orphan boy jumping and playing
I hear the old parents in club rejoicing
I hear all the birds singing
I see, I hear, I smell my earth is dancing, singing, blooming
I see, I hear, I smell everything!

Shamik Bose 17th June 10 Calcutta

Subham Dutta 20 June 2010

DearShamik da, Aupner lekha kobita pore khub bhalo laglo. ei lekhar dhoran ta khub bhalo. tai 10/10 dilam. regards Subham Dutta

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Shamik Kumar Bose

Shamik Kumar Bose

Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India
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