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I Seek A Friend

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Dear GOD Almighty,
I pray today I seek for help
Bring me a friend who dare to care
A friend who will fear to hear
That my eyes are full of tears
Yes I need a friend that care,

I pray today I seek for help
Lead me to that caring friend
A friend who will hold my hand

A friend who will fill my mind
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Monday, April 15, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: friends,friendship
Richard Wilson 17 April 2019

This is a wonderful poem, young poet you did good but you need to do more.

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Ahmad didat 16 April 2019

Hi mate, this poem is so amazing and lovely, I like the emotional expression in it. You did a good work here.

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Elizabeth Clinton 15 April 2019

Obviously this is a wonderful poem, you did a great work here, I can feel the emotions in this poem and I thought its wonderful.

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Abdulrauf Muhammad 15 April 2019

thank you very much, am glad you are satisfied.

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DR burk Steven 15 April 2019

Wow my friend this is a very awesome poem, Nice thought.

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Abdulrauf Muhammad 01 May 2019

hello to you all, thank you all for the inspirational and motivational comments, I really appreciate. and if you want to watch and listen to this poem as a video with lyrics you can search it on YouTube. thank you all.

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Vera Dike 30 April 2019

Emotional expression.. its sad..

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Poetry In My Veins 26 April 2019

I am not gonna lie, this poem is really meaningful and interesting, I like it.

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Linda Bret 23 April 2019

I really honesty like this poem, you did a great work writer. God bless your career.

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moses lincon 22 April 2019

Yes friendship is the best thing I can seek so much for, in friendship you can find love, loyalty, care, trust, ETC. So this is a great poem.

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