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I Seek A Friend

Dear GOD Almighty,
I pray today I seek for help
Bring me a friend who dare to care
A friend who will fear to hear

Gorgeous Lady Of My Dreams

Friday morning at 08: am
The day was chill bright and blossom
I woke out of bed to clean my teeth up
And so my destiny awaits me outdoor

Nigeria My Lovely Home

lovely lovely sweety home,
my ease and peace is when am home,
home I mean my father land,
where I was born and so my ancestors,

A Birthday Gift To A Little Kid

The children far, and the children near
Who will read this lovely poem
Listen close what I will say
Do what ever your mummy says

Love Is A Wine

If love is a wine
With you my dear I will dine

For the power of love is divine

Abdulrauf Muhammad Aljasawee Quotes

05 April 2019

لكل داء دواء والإستغفار دواء لكل داء

06 April 2019

Prayers of a mother is a key to every success in live.

08 April 2019

Being successful is not just about achieving all your dreams, but its also about helping others to achieve their dreams too.

09 April 2019

Do not force yourself on people, who is meant to be there will always be there.

10 April 2019

Where your fear is, there your joy is. and Where your care is, there your tear is.

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Lawal akintola 29 August 2019

Your writings are really fascinating and meaningful, Keep up the good work, Its nice to see someone with a great talent from my country.

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Poetry In My Veins 01 May 2019

Wow This is about your poem " A MOTHERLESS CHILD" , What a powerful poignant imagery. This is one of the most painful poem I have ever Read, well crafted and drafted, the emotional expression in it makes me feel like I wanna cry. This is really wonderful and amazing poem, I love it. Well done, and thank you for sharing with us.

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Elizabeth Clinton 15 April 2019

Hi, This is the first time I ever read your poems but I found out your writings are extremely good, so keep the good work you shall be somewhere in future.

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???? ????? 10 April 2019

This qoutes are interesting I like it. am not good in English but I like them. Nice work.

2 1 Reply
a Google user 06 April 2019

Nice quotes Mr abdulrauf Muhammad. Keep up the good work its a very good start.

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