Prejudice Poems: 339 / 500

I Shall Not Let Myself Get Away

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My eyes are red and mind is indignant
And a face I have too much annoyed
You need not to bother them at all
It is true that I am angry and vexed
And that is not with any one of you
But i am enraged and infuriated with myself
To lead a life and just to sustain
I need to go down and to such a low
From taking bribery to telling lies
Doing conspiracy and spreading malice
As if I do not have any human quality
Nor have I any human value or merit
I am totally disgusted with myself
and fed up with this life which wants
more than the things I can honestly earn
and manage, a huge pity on me,
I cannot live a life, just and true,
without bias and without prejudice
It is an utter shame that I could not take
A balanced view over matters till date
It is too long that I fail to win over
Fear, favor neither have i control over lust and greed
My eyes are red and I am really furious
I shall not let myself to get away this time
and walk away it off the hook easily

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Prejudice Poems: 339 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Seema Chowdhury 24 February 2016

A nice and an expressive write. very well composed.

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Ravinder Soni 24 February 2016

You have touched my heart to the core. - I shall not let myself to get away this time - mind you - this time.

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