Sarah matthews

Rookie (feb 17th 93 / in a hospital in columbus)

I Thought You Were My Friend - Poem by Sarah matthews

I never did understand how a gurl could but a guy before her gurls.
I understood when she would get a boyfriend and be happy with him, but she would sitll have us in the end. But this time is different, it may be becasue she thinks he is the one, but we see otherwise.
He doesn't truely love her, he said so himself. Manipulating her to do anything and everything. With the secrets I know about him makes me want to cry. to know more about him then she does.
One day the truth comes out and she denys everything. She knows its true but she don't wnat to see it. No longer are we friends, ove rsome stupid boy. A stupid boy who has cheated, more than once.
There always comes a day when a gurl who pick the guy ove rher gurls, but atleast make some time for her gurls. This is not even thought of. Her telling everyone that my credibility is worth nothing. We are in highschool things are getting outta hand. the lies, the pain, the backstabbing. My gurls are falling apart, or atleast who i thought were my gurls. No wonder i always hung out with the guys, they are so easy to read, nad you can tell what they are thinking.
I know that may not be fun but right now i would love it, just for one day where i could be back in jr. high where nothing really mattered. And fights lasted a matter of seconds, instead of months. When I told you the truth i expected you to hate me. i told you it would be best for you to use your heart this time, and a little bit of your head. But when I siad that I thought that you would use the logic instead of what you wanted to belive. No matter what when he treated you like shit, and hit you, i was your friend you could call and talk to. I was the friend who would beat the shit outta anyone who made you cry. but that was because I THOUGHT you were my friend.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, September 29, 2007

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