Sarah matthews

Rookie (feb 17th 93 / in a hospital in columbus)

Sarah matthews Poems

1. Untitled 5/9/2007
2. Does It Hurt? 5/10/2007
3. An Ex And A Brother (Never Thought I'D Miss Them So.) 5/29/2007
4. Sisters Seperated 5/29/2007
5. I Am...... 6/1/2007
6. They'Ve All Turned There Backs 6/21/2007
7. You Never Saw Me 7/29/2007
8. Why Do You Care? You Left Me? 8/13/2007
9. Different 8/15/2007
10. Are We Even Friends? 8/24/2007
11. I Thought You Were My Friend 9/29/2007
12. Torn Between The Two 6/7/2007
13. Impossible 6/9/2007
14. Troops 11/13/2007
15. Too Late 1/5/2008
16. Chritsmas Break Fling 1/15/2008
17. Never Knowing 2/11/2008
18. Someone, Sombody, Everybody 3/11/2008
19. Here 3/18/2008
20. 2 Types Of Posion 5/14/2008
21. Life 7/29/2008
22. Untittled 7/29/2008
23. She Refers To Herself In Third Persom 7/29/2008
24. Your Games 8/25/2008
25. Hollywood Undead 10/16/2008
26. The Blade Or The Boy 11/28/2008
27. Pain 11/28/2008
28. When You Get The Chance 11/28/2008
29. Trip To The Past 11/28/2008
30. Forever And Always 11/28/2008
31. Let It Wander 11/28/2008
32. Her Forever Leave 11/28/2008
33. New Start 11/28/2008
34. Lay Down 11/28/2008
35. Best Friends And The Boyfriend 1/30/2009
36. Falling Apart 4/9/2009
37. Maybe We Can Be Whole Once Again 6/11/2009
38. Everything Seems To Dissppear 6/11/2009
39. Backstabber 6/11/2009
40. I Dont Love You Like You Like I Used To 6/11/2009

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Suicide isn't fun,
so don't try it.

Suicide isn't quick,
it's long and painful.

Suicde never used to be me,
but now it is.

Suicide was never calming,
always away to have so much pain it didn't hurt anymore.

Suicide has to be a blade,
so don't get pricked.

Suicide is apart of love,
so don't love the wrong people.

Suicide and death are close,
so don't flirt with them.

Suicide never tells the the truth,
always belive the opposite.

Suicide kills slowly,
keep that in mind.

Suicide will always be ...

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I no longer know what to do, I am trying to be me but then again what am I? i don't know how to
describe what the hell I'm going through
My life is at a complete loss. It feels like I am
no longer the boss. What will be the cost of not
being lost and finally getting to be happy? How

much will be the cost? No longer am I
friends to ayone, it seems as if everyone
treats me as an enemy. Fine then an enemy

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