I'Ve Awoken Poem by Emo Seb

I'Ve Awoken

Rating: 5.0

I will not apologize
For buying the lies
That your beautiful eyes
Made it so easy to believe
I was so easy to deceive
When I wanted so desperately to believe
You were as perfect as you seemed
But it was just an empty dream
Now I've awoken with a scream
As the walls of my world come crashing down
And it's all I can do not to drown
In a pool of your lies, tho so sweet they sound
But I know now they're not true
And I know now that neither are you
Now I've awoken to a startling truth, I no longer love you
For without trust we have nothing at all
I'll stay on my hands and knees so I don't fall
And, robbed of my dignity, away from you I'll crawl
And I won't look back at what we could've had
Because I know now it couldn't last
Now I've awoken to another day and left you where you belong in my past


well i love this poem so much cuz i connect with it so out of ten i give it a 20 :) lol im addin this to my favs!

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Min Sia 13 November 2008

Great emotion..an encouraging poem! ! Well penned...

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