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Once I lived in a village not far
from the thirty-eighth parallel
near Kaesong, in fact

Listen up, I speak to you
from the region of the damned
and those who lust after fame
and wealth as a poet

I'd like to write a romantic comedy
in four acts like Will Shakespeare did
Tragedy's not for me, you can see
by the bells and cap I wear

Taverns along Milwaukee Avenue
near the expressway are bright
with red neon beer signs

Once I saw a black & white photo
taken by a Japanese tourist
of London schoolboys
walking briskly to grammar school.

Every Spring I look forward to the storms
of November that roll down from up north

Green trees and warm sun adumbrates

Far from the raging sea
folks born and bred ashore
live in a town called Limbo
tucked away in a green glen

It was the eve of Thanksgiving
and a night black and cold as hell,
with a stiff north wind blowing
down across the barren slopes

One summer I taught with a guy fixated on flicks
I mean those 16mm films teachers used
to get away from textbooks

Let me tell you how it went, Skipper,
that day we came to the first of the islands;
our barge struck a coral reef about 1500 yards offshore.
We sat high and dry in the shallow waters.

he smiles and turns verbal somersaults
not saying what rankles him most

about others who are not his kind

The price we paid is the blood we shed.
Our bones unmarked by granite stone.
We are alone here and we are dead.

I don't know if Poetry Lover
(hereafter called plover,
a shore bird with short tail)
aspires to become a poet

You can gush and emote
gripe and moan
weep and groan
slash your wrists

Every time I glance up at the framed
lithograph hanging on my den wall
of a bear sitting at its ease browsing
through the pages of A Bears Guide

Good Christ, he said to the mirror
you certainly look your age
hair retreating to the rear
bleary eyes

God's warrior fond
of roast pigeon
on rye

you never know until it's too late
that everything you put your hand
to fades & dissolves in the sun
of an aroused intellect

From time immemorial
green fields and valleys
have been filled
with the innocents

he is not your average politician
I'll grant you that

more a leader of a movement

The Best Poem Of Michael Pruchnicki

38th Parallel

Once I lived in a village not far
from the thirty-eighth parallel
near Kaesong, in fact

The snow that February fell for days
blowing horizontally to the ground
hills and paddy fields filling with drifts

We lived, ten of us, in a hut
that smelled of kimchee and garlic
we huddled together on the warm floor

The sergeant in charge was from Chicago
a big-mouthed Irish guy from the South Side
he talked constantly about his gang back home

The North Koreans who ran the prison camp
grew to dislike the sergeant and our guys
we ate less and worked harder than the others

One night we talked it over with the sergeant
we told him that he had to compromise
and go along with our captors - or else

No doubt we angered him because
he got his Irish up and began striking out
an Italian guy from Hoboken put a shiv in him

We buried him next morning behind the messhall
the Korean in charge was pleased as punch
we ate better and worked a normal day

Today I often think of that hotheaded sergeant
who died in a foreign land because we were scared
and thought more of our own survival

Michael Pruchnicki Comments

Allysyn Bryant 19 November 2008

you shouldn't insult people on their poems.

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Fiona Davidson 13 May 2009

Definition: Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response. Poetry has been known to employ meter and rhyme, but this is by no means necessary. Poetry is an ancient form that has gone through numerous and drastic reinvention over time. The very nature of poetry as an authentic and individual mode of expression makes it nearly impossible to define. I looked up the definition of poetry for you as you don't seem to know what it is..

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Fiona Davidson 19 June 2009

Mr Pruchniki what exactly is your problem with me? ...I don't like your poetry so I stay off it...but that is because I have manners....but having said that I will for just this one comment say what I think about you...you are a very bitter man who can't stand to see someones poetry being enjoyed...I have done nothing to provoke your attacks on me, my poetryand anyone who comments on my poetry or is commented on by me... so come on stand up and be a man and tell me exactly what the problem is?

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Sid John Gardner. 19 June 2009

I have read some of your stuff and admit some of the work has merit. There is also a proportion of your work which has a grossly negative element.I refer to your propensity for trashing others work which it would appear do not meet YOUR exacting standards.Perhaps you have an over developed sense of your own superiority.I would advise and such delusion to be considered carefully as we may be judged as we judge others.This site is a brotherhood and all are welcome.Many have very little command of basic English as their first language.Many are young and need encouragement.All have the greatest contribution.THEMSELVES. Unfounded negative criticism and rudeness do not afford the writer merit. Some ignor personal attack.Some are upset by it.Which ever way it is unnecessary and juvenile in its delivery. Sid.

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Who Iam 03 June 2009

Thanks for your comment, but like you said I would not rewrite your 'take' on anything you have written. From reading some of your writes I take it you too were military. The sixtys presented many challenges for our USA and for me. Politcs and War go hand in hand even when the cause seems 'right'. Unfortunately for those who died and remain POW's they will never know the real truth of the Vietnam Conflict. As for those of us who came home with scares and nightmares we accept the 'victory' and wander why Politics and War continue in countries where War has been waged for thousands of years with no resolve! As those cassions still go rolling along! We each have our individual uniqueness, that is what provides our freedom to express ourself as we like it.

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Paul Brookes 04 December 2012

I have read all your posted poems and I find your take on the world interesting. I have to say that on the whole I enjoyed your writes although I would be lying and a toady to say liked everything you have written. Some people have commented that your poems are negative, this I find strange but then some people did not have the brutal experiences of war. It's poetry like yours that give me hope for the future of the art keep it coming.

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Terence George Craddock 19 February 2011

Poor Michael, to understand the point of this poem, it is necessary to understand the theme of the poem? What is the theme Michael? How does the theme interact with the first stanza? The clock is clicking Michael, your answer is awaited with interest.

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Terence George Craddock 19 February 2011

Dear Michael Pruchnicki as the theme ''Illegal Logging'' is a global issue related to global warming and destruction of rain forest, then yes your snide remark that the topic ranges far afield is correct. The topic ''Illegal Logging'' and questions of conservation which are important to scientists world government etc is complicated, not simply cutting down a tree so of course it will be impossible to answer your ''But to what avail? '' question. Actually I taught creative writing Michael, a concept a poetaster might find difficult to grasp in modern forms. *****''A catalog is about the only thing you''re capable'' another typical Michael still missing the bully days in the sand box comment. Not quite up to your normal rude, crude level of vulgarity however. I have a special list of your treasured comments. However relating to figurative language in literature the catalog includes but is not limited to majors in literature and classics including Greek & Roman Literature, Greek Art, Augustan Poetry & Prose,20th Century Poetry, Renaissance Poetry & Prose, Romantic Poetry & Prose, Victorian Poetry & Prose,20th Century Novel, Myth & Literature, Drama, Novel to 1830, Australian Literature & NZ Literature, Literally Study, American Literature and Medieval English Literature. My lecturer for American Lit wrote several text books on certain styles of poetry, published his own poetry and was American so really your pocket book comments neither impress nor cut any ice. So wrong again poor Michael. But please continue to insult, your comments upon other poets, who often struggle in a second language is often devastating to them. I know they email about you. So please chin up, step into the ring with me.

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Terence George Craddock 19 February 2011

Poor Michael, we will spell it out slowly for you. To quote my stalker my infamous stalker Michael Pruchnicki ''The title says it all! But it sure ain''t no ''Spectral Image or Image of Light''! '' Really what does the title mean Michael? ''Spectral Image or Image of Light''! '' Obviously a bit too complicated but at least you had fun with your 1 1 1 1 votes poor poor Michael. However try to think about this. Try to understand Michael. ''a small projectile hate fired millions to slew'' to complicated, luckily I taught special needs and genuine intellectually challenged students so I will break it down for you. ''a small projectile'' a bullet Michael ''hate fired'' yes your quick on the hate uptake ''millions to slew'' your homework Michael. What does it mean. I will give you a week, then you are allowed to ask for help. The death of millions is not a ''Spectral Image''? I will give you a month to try to work this one out. But your the expert we know. Still no connection.

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Terence George Craddock 17 February 2011

Try writing a poem Michael, instead of your constant acid remarks, or consider seeking medical help for your depression and acute anger management problems.

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